Next to our kitchen, outdoor patios have become another favorite family gathering especially in the summer time. Renewing your backyard with plants, furniture or new flooring creates a new outdoors from scratch. Nowadays, you will find a variety of types of tile and manufacturers that can make your final choice more difficult than anticipated. It is important to use someone who understands tile and has the right know-how of installation. Please make your research regarding your tile choice and consider the following:
Some of the unique criteria to consider when choosing your outdoor tiles:

Is your surface covered?
A surface fully exposed to sun and a patio covered by a waterproof cover faces different challenges and therefore it is important which tile to choose. The tile must be able to withstand the exposed conditions, especially if there is a combination of both.

In general glazed ceramic tiles are not particularly slip resistant, but some brands incorporate coarse sand into the glaze. Glazed floor tiles are not recommended for outdoors where there is a consistent presence of water, oil, or grease. Since slipping also relates to water and in wetter climates this is a much more serious concern, check with your tile supplier first for slip resistant surface tiles. Larger grout joints limit slippage but only if the tiles are small enough. Before accepting the fact that a tile is slip resistant, test it to be sure. Check out www.daltile.com for further recommendations on residential and commercial tile selection.

Heat absorption in hot climates
Especially in our climate, heat is a factor of how well the tile absorbs the heat. Some widely available flooring materials offer excellent heat absorption. Tile flooring can be easily installed on top of concrete, which will add to its heat-holding ability. Remember that heat absorbed during the day radiates into the evening air, which may or not be desirable.

Interior floors
Many homes have an outdoor space adjacent to a sliding door or French doors and it creates a threshold where interior flooring meets outdoor patio surfacing. Make sure you or your designer selects an outdoor tile that best matches the colors and textures of the interior floors.

Wear and tear
For homes that have kids, pets or other stressors of paving, ensure that the tile choice is resistant to both scratches and chips. It must withstand a heavy object dropping onto the surface without cracking the tile clear through.